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    Two things:
    1) If I add a featured photo to a blog, it will not save after “Updating” or “Publishing”, even if the photo is in the gallery. I believe this started within the last month.
    2) If I try to post a link to my blog on social media, it’s pulling in an image from my media library from a few years ago.



    Hey jaimemerz,

    Can you install a plugin like for example Yoast SEO.
    That should be fixing those issues

    Best regards,


    I’ve installed WP Yoast and that did not resolve the issue of the featured image not saving when I click “Update” or “Publish”. It’s very odd! I’m able to navigate to my media library and select the image that I want, but when I click “Update”, the featured image disappears completely.



    Hi jaimemerz,

    Can you please make a test page and describe the exact steps to reproduce the issue?

    Best regards,



    1) Posts > Add New
    2) Added content to title and main content area. Selected category.
    3) Featured Image > Set Featured Image > Selected image from Media Library > Set Featured Image
    4) Save Draft > Preview

    No featured image in post on back end or front end (preview).

    We’ve been able to use featured images for many years now. Not sure why all of a sudden we can’t?



    You have a section under the post where it’s possible to set “Featured Media – add any number of…”, is that coming from a plugin? If so then please try to disable it.

    Best regards,


    Hi there,

    No, that comes from the theme itself.



    Hi Jaime,

    Can you please disable Jetpack and see if the issue remains?

    Best regards,

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