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    I’m trying to crop the thumbnail that is being displayed for featured image in posts.

    I go to media library and reset the crop are, and I see that same cropped thumbnail when I go to chose the image in media for featured image.

    Now, when I test it in post the thumbnail stays the same, as it was predefined, cropped to the middle of the image.

    Can you please help me with setting the different crop area for my post featured image thumbnail.



    Hi Dude,

    I am having this problem also…


    Can somebody from the support team please give us a hint on this?




    I’m sorry it currently not possible to change WP’s and/or the theme’s image processing methode. You can change the thumbnail size in functions.php by editing following code:

    $k_option['custom']['imgSize']['base'] = array('width'=>267, 'height'=>180); 	// backend preview size, if changed does not affect the frontend
    $k_option['custom']['imgSize']['S'] = array('width'=>60, 'height'=>60); // small preview pics for half sized posts and sidebar news
    $k_option['custom']['imgSize']['M'] = array('width'=>180, 'height'=>180); // big preview pic for full sized posts
    $k_option['custom']['imgSize']['L'] = array('width'=>700, 'height'=>320); // image for accordion and featured news slider
    $k_option['custom']['imgSize']['XL'] = array('width'=>960, 'height'=>320); // big images for fullsize pages and fade slider

    (Actually there’s an hack out there: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -crop-position-in-wordpress/ but it affects ALL images so it’s imho useless).



    Thanks for the response.

    I did see the functions.php but the thumbnail size is not the problem, rather what is being shown, cropped, is.

    What I’m wondering is why is the media library edit image crop is not showing in the Theme? WP does the crop in media library and if you go to media tab when setting up the featured image, the small thumbnails in the list of images look as they should (the way I cropped them in media library edit image crop), but once I select an image and publish the post, the featured image thumbnail is different, read it looks the way WP and/or Theme “likes” to crop it (seams like centered crop to predefined size). So Theme is discarding the crop done in the Media library edit image.

    I have also tried the link you’ve sent and it is not making any difference, the images for thumbnails are still being cropped with predefined rules and nothing you do in WP interface is going to changing it.

    I did notice in the previous WP version there was a hard crop function when setting up the thumbnails, does this have to do something with the problem we are facing?

    I would really appropriate you helping us solve this issue sine it is really paramount that we can define whats being shown as thumbnail (crop them in a visual way, let them keep the ratio and size that is not important but what we see in many cases must be different from the predefined centered crop).

    Thanks again,


    I found this article but I am not sure if I like the sound of changing the WP code… (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -crop-position-in-wordpress/

    I don’t understand why the edit image / crop facility within wordpress doesn’t work ??




    I just went through that Link and followed the instructions for how to change the WP code for crop. IT was pretty easy to do. Also since WP crops the image as it gets uploaded and then not again so you could change this code so that each crop is diffrent Or rest it back to the normal code when you are done.



    glad that you found a solution.


    Is there an option (as in facebook) where one can move around the image in the thumbnail to define the area of the photo that is displayed within the thumnail !?

    If not, it would be awsome if you can add that in a next version of the corona theme.



    there’s currently no such option, I’ll put it on the suggestion list and notify Kriesi.

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