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    I had installed and created a site with ShoutBox and everything seemed to be working fine … for a couple weeks… then without any changes being made to the site that I am aware of)… the featured images started spinning. This affected the main slide-show, featured images on the archives of posts etc… as well as the actual featured image on the post itself. In addition, when clicking on any of the images on the posts, it links directly to the image url as opposed to the previously displayed lightbox / image slideshow that would display all the images.

    This only seems to be effecting featured “images” as the video embed option for a featured image still works fine. I have removed the main slideshow from the home page and updated as many posts with video featured images as possible… I did see a recommendation in a previous thread with some custom css to include … however, this did not help my situation.

    I have double checked that the featured images are still set correctly and (when on an actual post) … if you click on the spinning placeholder where the featured image ‘should’ be .. it actually links to the missing image … (again, which used to pull up the ligtbox / image slideshow which is the desired result)

    I still have a page posted that is illustrating the problem and can be found at the following url:

    any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated. Also, the site (all pages) seems to be taking an extraordinarily long time to load … any thoughts / suggestions for this?




    To clarify … when I say the featured images are “spinning” … I mean they will not load and there is a “spinning wheel” in place of the images as they attempt to load … sorry if initial post was unclear


    Hi Scott,

    It looks like there is a conflict with the themes javascript. Try disabling all of your plugins and see if the issue is resolved. You can then re-enable them one by one to find out which was causing the issue.




    I think that did it … thank you very much

    – Scott



    Glad it worked.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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