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    Using the cleancut theme…I updated to WP 3.1, then set up the multisite feature to add 2nd version of our site in French.

    All seemed to be going well until I discovered that the ‘Add Featured Image’ section that normally appears down right hand side of Add Post/Page/Slider/Porfolio Entry has disappeared from both the original site and the new site.

    The original site still displays the Featured images, but there’s no way for me to add more or to add any to the new french side.

    Also, on Add a New Post/Page or Portfolio Entry, at the Upload/Insert (above the text entry box) area, the icons to add a photo/video/music have disappeared leaving only the media icon.

    All plugins have been disabled but no success.

    Any idea?

    Thanks in advance.



    Found the problem….

    Turns out that it was simply my lack of experience working with WP Multisite.

    I didn’t realise that in the Network Admin area, under Settings, then Media Upload Buttons (near bottom of page), I simply needed to select Photos/Video/Music and everything I was missing came back. Yay! The panic is over and I can get back to work.

    Feeling a bit stupid but glad I learned something new.




    Good to know you got this sorted :)



    Hey James,

    I think I spoke too soon. I got the Set Featured Image back on the original English site, and though I also got it back on the new French site, when trying to add an image on the new site, it uploads it but won’t show it… neither on the Add a page/post/slider or on the site itself.

    The image is uploaded and in the media library. But on the Add a page/post/slider pages there is only a link (which is the image name) sitting above the now “Remove Featured Image” link (rather than showing a thumbnail of the featured image).

    If, for instance, I try to edit the image, it will open and show me it. When I ask to Use as Featured Image, there is a flash of a thumbnail on the page, but then just the text link and of course, nothing appears on the live site.

    Does that make sense? Have you got any idea of what I may be doing wrong or need to correct?

    Thanks again, in advance.

    (the sites are: , )



    Sent you an email…


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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