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    Is it possible to have a featured image (one image or slide show) show up at the top of the blog overview page? I have my blog set up and it shows three posts. Presently at the top it shows the background color strip as I have it configured. Instead of that, can I have a featured image? I assumed I could do this because I set an image for the blog page itself. It is not showing up, however. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!



    Currently this is not possible, but I agree with you that something like this should be possible. I will look into it and hopefully find a way that doesnt mess up the slider logic :)

    The theme will recieve an update during the next 1 or 2 days and it will probably have this feature included :)


    Great and thanks!



    Ok, that will worj with the next upate I just uploadedd. Hope it gets approved soon so you can download it ;)




    Works perfectly. Thanks.


    Do I need to download all the files again for the update? I”m not sure how that works.


    I am unaware of any way to “not” download “all” of the files. So I downloaded the zip through the backend of Themeforest, deleted the old version (1.0) in my WordPress admin, uploaded the new version (1.0.2) , and activated it without any problems that I know of.


    when logged in at themeforest just click my Account->downloads to re-download the whole theme. You can either chose to replace all files or only replace those mentioned in the versions.rtf file that comes with the download :)


    The featured image at the top of the blog does not work correctly.

    A: Featured image will not show up after select and upload in blog site. But it will show if I choose “use default image: bubbles.png” in Broadscop theme options. Unfortunatly the real bubbles.png will now also show in areas where I don’t want to show featered image.

    B: Featured image does not work with IE 9 (64bit).

    Any ideas? Thanks!



    I’ll report this to Kriesi.


    The problem with ie9 should be fixed with the latest version (1.0.4). If you send me access data to your wordpress installation and ftp server, with a reference to this thread I will take a look myself.




    The featured image at the top of the blog does still not work in the latest version (1.0.6). How to fix?


Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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