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    I am working at a multi-languages site using the following versions:

    Flashlight 1.6.2

    Wordpress 3.4.1

    Woocommerce 1.5.8

    Woocommerce multilingual 1.2

    WPML multilingual CMS 2.5.2

    To keep the product “featured image” linked to the product I must remember to re-link the image after having saved the product.

    Linking the “featured image” and then saving the product looses the link every time.

    I can reproduce the problem by:

    1. edit a product – “Products | Products”

    2. set the features image – then

    3. save the product by clicking on the update button

    To get the image back:

    1. edit a product – “Products | Products”

    2. set the features image – then

    3 do NOT save the product

    If you cannot release a patch quickly please let me know what to change in the code so that I can finalize the installation for my customer.



    Hi Ugo,

    I’ve flagged the topic for Kriesi as I’m not able to figure out a fix for the issue. Thank you for the detailed write up, that should help quite a bit :)




    Hi Devin,

    my customer is looking to go online asap: how long do you think I have to wait to get the issue fixed?

    Also, is it possible to use the theme with a different commerce plugin? I am getting a number of issues with woocommerce trying to add a second language and you never know where the problem actually is: wp, theme, woocommerce, WPML, the fridge or whatever… :-)


    P.S. this support forum makes me loose more time than needed, why don’t you move to a better system?

    There are applications where is better to avoid wp (or bbpress), support is definitely one of these. I warmly suggest, you can get a trial plan for 20$/year and the money goes to charity, a win-win situation.


    Kriesi released some new theme updates yesterday but there’s no update for Flashlight yet. I’d expect it over the weekend and depending on the review process (envato reviews all updates) you probably can download it next week. Flashlight is optimized for WooCommerce – thus you want get perfect results with other plugins. However plugins like Cart 66 , WP eStore and Simple Paypal Shopping Cart are based on shortcodes and work quite good with nearly every theme.

    Kriesi (and I) like the bbpress forum and it works quite well now (except the search function) – thus I don’t think we’ll switch the system. But thanks for the suggestion.


    no news yet? another week is gone…

    the search function is fundamental for your customers, their time is money (for them) regardless how much you like bbpress.


    Hi Ugo,

    A new update of Flashlight was released on July 6th. Version number is 1.7. If you haven’t already go ahead and update.




    Has this been confirmed to be fixed? I still find that the featured image disappears when I save a product.



    I’ll mark this thread for Kriesi because I’m not sure…





    Hey Guys!

    Unfortunately I still cant reproduce the bug were the featured image disappears. If this is still happening after the next update today please let us know




    Hey Kriesi

    sorry but the problem is not reselved ..!



    I marked the thread for Kriesi’s attention.




    I can confirm this issue is STILL present in the latest version of the theme. I have a fresh install of both Flashlight and WooCommerce and am having this issue. A fix for it would be GREAT. :) Thanks in advance!


    Hi All,

    I’m not getting the same behavior on a fresh install of the Theme+WooCommerce on wordpress 3.4.2. Have you tried removing all other plugins and testing the adding featured media that way?





    I am having the same problem.

    I’ve tried disabling all plugins but that made no difference…



    Hi Olivia,

    Is this with Flashlight version 1.9?





    I having the same problem, that i can’t explain, and it’s in Flashlight version 1.9.


    it happens on a fresh install with just :

    wordpress 3.5 fr

    last version : flashlight 1.9

    last version : woocommerce

    i just created a product category, created a product, change the featured image, save, an then the feature image is gone …


    another clue, When i have an image galery associated with my product, the featured image is replace by the first image of this galery,

    when i dont have an image galery associated, the featured image simply disapear.


    Hi willouby,

    First make sure that you have the most recent version of WooCommerce installed as well. Then disable any other plugins that you have active.

    When creating a new product, you should only use the Flashlight image gallery to Upload a new image for that product. It should show up in the meta box below the visual editor after uploading.

    Then try saving the product like normal and that should do it.

    If not, create a temporary admin account for me so that I can log in and take a look at whats going on. So far I’ve not had any issues with the new updates and Flashlight.

    You can send the information to my email at DevinVinson (at) Make sure to include a link to this topic so that my spam filter doesn’t grab it :)




    Mine is doing the same

    im using latest WP v3.5 and latest Flash Light theme v1.8 (v1.9)

    I add a featured image from the media gallery, save the page and it will save it as the featured image. now when I save the page it a gamble if it saves or not some times it does and sometimes it doesn’t, if it does i celebrate!!! .

    When I edit a product and update it, it deletes the featured image, and I have to go back in and add it again, and its a gamble again if it works.

    Also I don’t want to use the Flash Light Image gallery for products, all my images are uploaded to the WordPress Image Gallery, so I cant see the point in having 2 of the exact same images on the server making more load time for the potential buyer, shops need to be streamlined and fast for the user or they will leave.

    That’s a different issue though


    Hey xGSTQ,

    Flashlight does not use the featured image/gallery of wordpress as it uses its own gallery attachment function. So if you are trying to get the two working together for use with product images in the catalog and to be used by the theme you will definitely have issues.

    IE, you should really only be using the Flashlight gallery in the meta boxes under the visual editor for the Portfolio,page,post and product images in the same way you would normally use the featured image.




    Flashlight products have been using the WP Media Gallery, ive been using it ;-)

    When I add a product im adding my product image in the “product description” box via the WP Media Gallery. (most of my images that i am selling are already in the WP Media Gallery)

    I then add the product description in the “product short description box”

    I then set the featured image, which also uses the WP Media Gallery.

    Im not even using the themes Flashlight gallery because it means adding another image that is already in the WP Media Gallery, cant see the point

    You can see a preview of a test product here >>

    I guess If I have to use the Flashlight Media Gallery I will, but I would rather use the WP media gallery, simply because all my images are already uploaded there ;-)


    bizarre, Ive found a little work round

    If I add my product like above the featured image wont save, If I go back into the item and re-add the featured image and DO NOT hit “update”

    Navigate away the featured image saves to the product :-)

    Im happy now !!

    Just got to work out why im gettting white pages on the shop ;-)


    Hi Devin, Do you mean than i can’t have a featured image which is not in my product Flashlight image gallery ?


    Hi xGSTQ,

    By its nature, woo commerce will still use it. My meaning is the theme does not and may have issues if you are not using the Flashlight gallery.

    @willouby – If you set an image as the “featured image” via wordpress it will still be set as such in the database. However Flashlight does not make use of it in its settings.





    upgraded to wordpress 6, last version of the theme replete, WPML, woocommerce 2.0.13 multilingual site.

    Trying to create translation of product and the featured image is lost.

    Any workarounds?


    Hi gsainidis,

    This topic is for a different them and unrelated to WPML but I’ve tagged another of the support crew who is more familiar with WPML to see if he can shed some light on your issue.

    In the future just make a new topic for a question if the only related topic is another theme and only somewhat related. It’ll just make it easier to answer and index.




    Please make sure that the issue is theme related. Switch to the default theme and check if the issue persists. If yes please report this bug to the WPML developers and they’ll look into it. Afaik Replete does not change or affect the featured image saving process in any way and it shouldn’t conflict with WPML.


    @devin, my mistake. Sorry, I thought that it was related in a way.

    @dude, and @devin,

    I found a workaround somehow by not using the WPML media pluging (which is responsible for duplicating all media files for a second, and so on language.

    Having this disabled for the moment it does not have the instability.

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