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    I’m confused as there does not seem to be a featured image. I am using a plugin called Featured Post Widget that uses the featured image to display. But nothing is being displayed. s the slideshow function hijacking the built in WordPress featured image function?



    Yes. Propulsion doesn’t offer a dedicated “featured image” option but it will use/set the first slideshow/featured media image as “festured image”.




    Hi Peter,

    I’m trying to add a featured image with propulsion, and the screen dims and displays the WP options/admin bar at top. I just want to add another image.

    Why would this be? A RAM problem? Problem loading the uploader or a glitch, uploader works in the add media tab.

    I appreciate your help,



    Hi Patrick,

    It may be a ram issue but you’ll usually get an error. If you can, try re-uploading the theme (downloading the most recent update from your themeforest account) and disabling all plugins you might have currently running.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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