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    Hi Guys, got a strange problem here after updating to WP 3.6. Updating to Propulsion 2.1 didnt fix.

    Featured image box is removed from the edit post screen for all existing posts. Once an old post is updated in this new situation it removes the featured image all together from the front end. Un-updated posts that were published previous to update to 3.6 still show featured image.

    On Create New Post screen, the featured image box is there, but when you select an image to be featured, it puts it into the Slideshow area!!!

    I switched to another theme and the problem was removed.

    My entire site relies on featured images so this is high priority.

    Please help, thanks. Bodhi


    We are having the same problem.

    We’d like to set featured images for blogs posts and portfolio items, but there is no featured image box/widget available on our editing sidebar.

    We’ve downloaded and installed the “Featured Image” plugin, but it does not seem to be working.

    How do you recommend we fix the problem?

    Thank you :)


    Kriesi, where are you guys? A response of any kind would be swell just to let us know you’re on it. This issue has our websites content flow on hold completely. Stressful! Thanks, Bodhi


    This is Sunday..who works on Sunday :-(

    Have you emptied your computer cache/ browser history?


    Hi bodhimcgee,

    Our queue system goes by oldest post to newest so each time you self respond it actually pushes your topic to the end of our queue.

    Have you tried going to the top right corner of your post editor and opening the screen options to see if the featured image box is checked/available.

    Also, the first image of the slideshow *is* the featured image. The theme uses that initial image to set that data.




    Hi Devin, thanks for the response and thanks for letting me know how the cue works. Screen options, just like the edit area, has the wordpress featured image option removed. Its just completely gone.

    The first image of the slideshow being set as featured image works, thanks a million for that, but it would still be nice to know why wordpress default is just gone.

    Thanks guys,




    Actually it shouldn’t be displayed at all since we thought it might be confusing to display 2 different areas that set the same preview image :)

    Best regards,




    We’d like to set Featured Images of Portfolio Items (and Blog Posts) that are different from the first image of the slideshow.

    So far, here’s our step-by-step process to do that:

    -On the Portfolio Item / Post Page we click the “Add Media” button.

    -Then we select the “Set Featured Image” link.

    -Then we choose the Image we like and click the button “Set Featured Image” button.

    But, nothing happens and the Featured Image stays on the first image of the slideshow. It does not change to the image we just set.

    Is there a way to override that or am I doing something wrong?

    Thanks for all of your help and support!

    We look forward to discovering a solution to this problem together :)

    -Ryan, We Are SISU


    Hey! The problem is that those two areas are interlinked. the slideshow is basically an extension to the feature image. You can try the following but I cant guarantee that it will work:

    open the functions.php file and remove the line that says

    require_once( 'includes/admin/compat.php' ); // compatibility functions for 3rd party plugins

    then scroll down further and remove the two lines that read

    add_action('posts_selection', 'avia_remove_post_thumbnails');
    add_action('init', 'avia_remove_post_thumbnails');

    this should enable the option to set default post thumbnails that are different to the slideshow. however displaying them in the front end will require to add the post thumbnail display function to your wordpress loops:

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