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    Hello there,

    Are almost two months since I started using SB theme, and finally today I decided to start adding the featured images inside my almost 400 old posts, instead a first post thumbnail I was using inside my old theme.

    I have tried adding the same picture I used before, using “from url” option and copying the old picture URL, but I noticed a problem with this procedure, that actually doesn’t load anything.

    Here below you can find 2 image that i hope can explain the problem:

    The first is an image I take before updating the post and where you can see that the image appear correctly loaded:

    And the second one, after saving the page, where you can see that there was some problem with the image.

    I don’t know if this problem is caused by some ShoutBox issues, or by some wp 3.4.2 well known bugs, but I hope you can help me out.

    Please also find here an example (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -cultura-della-luce.html





    Please temporarily deactivate the plugins which didn’t come with the theme, clear the cache and see if the image reappears.





    I turned off all plugin except askimet but the problem remain. Just to clarify a little more what happen here below I try to decribe the procedure I’m following to insert the featured image.

    1)Click on Upload featured media button

    2)when the featured window is open I clik on “from link” tab

    3) then I insert the image link that in this case is ,then insert title and so on…

    the problem is that the little thumbnail next to upload button appear just a second before the page is saved, then disappear as shown in the image above.





    Afaik you can’t use external images for the featured media slideshow. The “from link” option just supports video services like youtube, vimeo, etc.




    Hi Peter, thaks for your support, do you mean is that a featured interface limitation? Because the image I’m trying to insert refers to a link which is inside my server and usually in wordpress I use from link option to put images inside my post.





    Sorry for the delay. I see what you mean – – . I think that Dude’s answer above pretty much is it, since its looking for a video and is treating the image as a video to place in an iframe.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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