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    Really nice and amazing theme! Good work.

    I’d like to add the WP ‘Featured Image’ function on Portfolio items, in order to have thumbnail different than images in the portfolio post.

    How can I do this please?

    (For the record, I want to add ‘Multiple Post Thumbnails’ plugin features to the theme)

    Thanks a lot



    I don’t know this plugin and I’m not sure if you can use it with Angular or how to use it with Angular. Probably you need to adjust the theme code. Angular sets the first featured media image as post thumbnail/wordpress featured image. The code can be found in angularincludesadmincompat.php -maybe it conflicts with the multiple post thumbnail plugin.



    Thanks for the quick reply.

    In fact, i’m gonna drop the ‘Multiple Post Thumbnails’ idea, but i’d really love to be able to choose the Featured Image. Any lead on how to do this ? I’m not a code master but I can manage to understand I think.



    (What I meant by “to be able to choose the Featured Image” is to get this wonderful WP’s feature back).


    As I don’t get any rely, I ask again :

    WordPress has a nice feature called FEATURED IMAGE. Your theme don’t use it. How can i get it back (in order to have different thumbnails than images entries in my ‘portfolio items’.



    The theme doesn’t support this feature so it would be useless to activate the option. However you can use the first slideshow image as the post thumbnail. You can even exclude the first image from the single entry slideshow (Angular Theme Options > Layout & Settings – search for the Slideshow behavior on overview pages and configure it as you like) which produces the same effect like the post thumbnail feature + featured media slideshow.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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