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    Hi guys,

    This is my second post on this issue…sorry I have had no luck with getting my Feature slider to work at all….I would like to get it working or else I would like to ask about getting a refund for my purchase….

    I have attempted many (many) times to create a new post and pages to my site with uploading feature pics to each individual post in the featured pic area..and have had NO luck seeing the feature slider actually appearing on my site at all….All the settings are set to what the instructions outline and yet NOTHING…..I was hoping that someone could assist me with this issue or perhaps guide me to someone I can talk about getting a refund for my purchase…Thanks a bunch :)



    If you would like you can send an email to kriesi-support [at] noahhendrix [dot] com with login details and I could try logging and verify settings are correct.




    Problem resolved…..I went into settings / reading and changed from static to recent post and it fixed the issue…


    Glad that you solved the problem.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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