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    I had problems with the installation (the infamous Are you sure you whant to do this” just after i finished upload the theme, so i decided to uploaded via ftp, that was solved.

    I activated the theme, it changes and start working, but now the Feature Slider does not work at all.. it hangs just like it has no content to show, i was specting to get the demo content working or i have to tune something?

    In short words the slider does not work. any clue i can get?



    I have been playing the options and nothing, the site itself is

    Everythinh looks just fine, and the respones of the theme are great, just the slider is not showing anything, im pretty sure im missing something.. any coment?



    sorry for the delay, we answer the oldest support topics (by last reply) so when you double post your topic will be replied to later than it was planned.

    When I check your site there is no image set to display at all. Are you sure you’ve set an image as featured image in your posts?


    how do i set them? is there a pdf file or something that can i read about using the slider?

    Thanks in advance


    Hi, im really on the need of thar piece of help! is there a manual or something that help me on how to set up the slider fronm scratch?




    excuse me again for the delay. To add a featured image to your slider you can simply create a post with an added featured image. You’d scroll down when creating the post and press “Set featured image” in the bottom right of your screen. After this you can upload a picture which will attach to your post and will appear in the slider.


    I just did exacly as you said, its uploaded and crushed the image but no shows on the slider is shwon

    I can put an image into the article.. .there is ciscocat there, but the one selected to be on the slider is not appearing

    waiting for your help



    ohhh I see now! sorry! im good, up and running :)


    Glad that Chris could help you :)

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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