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    I love this template, but I’ll love it even more when I figure out why I’m having these issues…

    I can’t upload a feature image without it being posted to the page content. I tried to change the feature image on the home page from the Avisio to the client’s image and it wouldn’t change the feature image – it put it in the content resource. Thinking it was because there was a feature image there, I removed the image. Now it won’t finish loading the image url. Just sits and spins for up to an hour.

    The site is being built on and will be moved to the real site when complete.The feature image shows up as the slider background because I put it in the php. But I can’t change the Avisio logo thumbnail and I can’t create a feature image for the page. There is no button on the image window to save as feature image. I only have one for ‘insert in post’. Help! What is wrong here?

    Frustrated with that, I thought I would start creating portfolio pages so I can do away with the demo portfolios. I created a portfolio image resource but the image isn’t showing on the page.

    I would so appreciate it if someone could help me fix whats wrong or tell me where I’m not doing something right. There is nothing about the feature image in the template documentation.

    Thanks :)



    If you upload an image then click “Use as Featured Image” it’ll show up everywhere according to the size specified for the specific page. If you delete an image but don’t remove it from the posts featured image WP still thinks it’s there and will try to load it – hence the placeholder but no image.

    The featured image is a WordPress function and not specific to the theme so the documentation can be found in the WordPress Codex.

    Please define what you mean by “content resource” and “image resource”.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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