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    I’m really enjoying building the dynamic templates – I think it’s a brilliant idea. One thing I want to do however for my home page, is to include a full-width featured image of my latest post (just like in a single post with a full-width feature image) and then the next section would be the blog. Is this possible? I haven’t been able to “recreate” the full-width feature image single blog post at all, so I’ve been keeping it as default and not attaching a default template to it.



    To make a full width featured image you can use the slideshow element. I think you can set it to display the image from the last post. Then set your blog element underneath it.


    Really? But how would it become full-width? How do I make that slideshow full-width without damaging other slideshows that go on the site? Or should I just use another plugin?


    The slideshow element in the Template Builder has nothing to do with the blog slider. It’s a separate element. You set the size of the image in the same way you set the size of a featured image in a post – there are slideshow settings underneath the text entry box when you create a post. You set the image size there (full size).


    Hmm perhaps I’m not being clear. What I want to accomplish is on my homepage, I want the first blog post to have a full-width feature image (960px). Then, below it I will have other blog posts that are regular-sized with a preview image (600px).

    Something like this website:


    This configuration is not possible because Shoutbox does not offer such a blog layout. Like rumblefish suggested above you can create a fullwidth slideshow which displays the images from the blog page or any other page but you can’t display featured images from posts.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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