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    Hi there. Just purchased this theme and getting the following error after upload:

    Fatal error: Class ‘avia_partner_widget’ not found in /home/totalwr1/public_html/wp-content/themes/shoutbox/framework/php/class-framework-widgets.php on line 677

    This occurs before even activating the theme, and is even causing other parts of the site including the admin panel and a previously working theme to also produce the same error.

    Please advise.


    Is anyone available to help me please? This is causing great delays in the development of my project.



    please unzip the package you got from ONE time. You should get a folder which contains PSDs, Docs and another zip file (which is called This zip file is the right file. Go to your wordpress admin panel and navigate to Appearance > Themes. Then select the file, upload & install it. You can also unpack this zip file and upload the resulting folder via ftp to wp-content/themes.

    Also have a look at this tutorial video

    If this doesn’t help check your php version (it must be at least 5.1+) and your wordpress version (at least 3.1+).


    I have done all what you described. It’s after uploading and installing I am given the error. I have tried both methods of uploading to the themes folder and also using the WordPress CP – both produce the same result and essentially render the site unusable once the files are uploaded.

    I should add I am able to upload/install other themes as normal with no issues.


    Can you ask your hoster which php version is running at the moment? Maybe they can give you error logs?


    We are running PHP 5.1 and the latest version of WordPress. As I said, both wordpress itself and several other themes have installed with zero issues.

    Could you please provide me with information on obtaining a refund – I purchased this yesterday and have so far been unable to use it as it appears to not be fit for purpose.


    Open up shoutboxfunctions.php and replace:

    register_widget( 'avia_partner_widget' );
    register_widget( 'avia_one_partner_widget' );


    if(class_exists('avia_partner_widget')) {
    register_widget( 'avia_partner_widget' );
    register_widget( 'avia_one_partner_widget' );

    This seems to be a problem with some server setups.

    2) You need to contact envato/themeforest support for a refund because they’re your contract partner.


    Thank you. Your support level is atrocious I might add.


    Sorry to hear that. I think it’s amazing that you can judge our support by asking one question :)

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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