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    Hi everyone.

    I need more than 10 meta fields, and here is the problem, the portfolio meta value is ordered starting for 1….ok, the second one is 10; the third is 11.

    Here is an example:

    1 Dirección: 1 Dirección
    2 Producción: 10 Diseño de sonido
    3 Cliente: 11 Agradecimientos
    4 Agencia: 2 Producción
    5 Postproducción y VFX: 3 Cliente
    6 Modelado y texturizado: 4 Agencia
    7 Iluminación y render: 5 Postproducción y VFX
    8 Composición: 6 Modelado y texturizado
    9 Música: 7Iluminación y render
    10 Diseño de sonido: 8 Composición
    11 Agradecimientos: 9 Música

    I need to fix it quickly!! :) Thanks in advance.

    ps: sorry for my english.


    Hi evilactiviti,

    I’ve tagged this for Kriesi to take a look at. I tested it myself and ran into the same issue so we’ll try and get you a fix asap.


    Thanks Devin. Wait news.




    Hi evilactiviti,

    I don’t have an update yet. This isn’t an issue that has ever come up before but it has been reported now. If a fix is possible, it will be added here.


    Thanks Devin, its important for me, and, I think, for most people.

    Another time, sorry for my english :).


    Hey! I have added it to the bug report list and will apply a fix as soon as possible, however it might take a little while until I am able to update the theme accordingly, since I am currently the only one beeing able to apply fixes and I also have to do support work :)


    Thanks Kriesi.

    Best regards.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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