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    I choice Choices specifically because it is a responsive theme, but for some reason, the headlines in the fade slider do not display completely on iPhone and the subtext does not show up at all. iPad looks great! I looked at the Choices demo site on an iPhone and realized that the subtext does not show up there either. My client is not very happy about this and wants all the text to show up. They have asked for a lot of text on the slides so I’m trying to get them to reduce the amount of words on the slides but even if they do that, it looks like (from the Choices demo) that the subtext will not show up even if I get the headline length reduced. Is there a way to change this? I may have to move to another theme to please them if I can’t get this fixed but other than that they love the website and the theme is great. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    Here’s the link



    Which version of iPhone were you using? How is the slider setup (full size, etc)?

    On Android I can see the caption title on the demo site but i can not see the caption text in the slide though there isn’t much room left for it. The theme is responsive, and you can test by making your pc browser window the size of an iphone and you will see that the captions are present. Since I haven’t heard this issue come up before, has this been noted on more than one iphone (just trying to rule out a faulty phone first). Does this happen with other slider types (besides fading) and different sizes of the slider (full screen etc)? Is the site linked from your name here the one in question?




    Hi Nick,

    We looked on two different iPhone, a 4 and a 4S. Most of the large headlines show (the first one is way too long in my opinion so I’m trying to convince them to shorten this one) but none of the subtext or the buttons show. As I said before, the sub-text does not show in the Choices demo either on the phones so maybe this is just because the size of the phone screen is too small to show all of the slider text.

    I have not tried other sliders so I will take a look at that as well.

    The site is the site I listed above. The temporary URL is



    Please look at the slide that has title ‘Pichia GlycoSwitch® Human-like Glycosylation’. There is some small text in bottom left perfectly readable on a desktop. Try to read it on a smartphone.

    I suppose its possible to stick a button in there but between the right and left arrow, and the middle enlarge photo image, will it even be possible to press that button?

    I remember talking to a client a long while ago who wanted something they saw on a Star Trek episode (not a joke), and it was difficult to convince them that 3d communications haven’t arrived yet.

    If you can point out to me buttons on an iphone slider i can do my best to show you a way to get it done.




    3D communication hasn’t arrived yet? HaHa!

    Thanks for your offer to try to make this work. I’ll work with them to try to get them to understand reality and get back to you if I still need to try to modify this.




    Thread closed.

    Best regards,


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