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    Facebook (and other social media sites) look for specific meta tags in a page to generate a thumbnail to put next to links that are referenced to in wall posts.

    For instance, the image_src property can be used to link to an image. I think it is useful to set this to the right property when using gallery images (ie, the first gallery image). However, I’ve got no clue on how to do this.

    Open Graph can also be quite useful, see



    What exactly do you want to accomplish? I’m sorry, I’m not quite sure if I understand your inquiry.





    When posting a link to Facebook, it acutally shows a picture next to a small snippet of text of the post. The picture shown next to the post is often wrong, since there’s no image tag as described in my first post. I would like to add this tag, but don’t know how.


    Hi ralphje,

    I’m not very familiar with Open Graph but I believe there are some plugins available that will allow you to set the correct things for posts so that Facebook grabs the image and text you want.




    Hi there!

    I would like to get my friends to share my website in Facebook, either by wall posts, or status updates but there are no images displayed next to the description of my website.

    Is there a way that I could work around it, or by predetermining which image gets displayed along with the description?

    Many thanks in advance.

    Charles :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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