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    I know this may have been covered and I have seen responses for this topic before but have had no luck.

    Does anyone know how to add the Facebook like button to the left side part with date and tweet?

    Or within the post?



    it was a lot easier for me to add it inside the post with a plugin, i used the “Facebook Like Button Plugin” and it lets you choose where you want the like button to appear and everything, pretty awesome. its probably the most headache free way, definitely was for me lol let me know how it works out


    I agree with thenameisfernando – a facebook plugin is the easiest solution.


    Thanks guys I will look into this. I guess the other way is really complicated?

    Which plugin in particular did you use? Name of author?



    Thanks for this I will look into it. I now have another issue which I will post a new thread for, to do with the size of the Menu Boxes/fonts at the top, I would like to make them smaller to take up less space.


    Ok I’ll try to help you.


    Hi. I managed to add the facebook like button in the area on the left with the date and tweet button. Problem: when someone clicks “like” it actually likes all the articles on the page at the same time, like they’re all connected. How do i fix this?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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