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    My FB like button disappears when you try click “Like”

    I saw this entry but this did not help me ( (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -selecting)

    Please could you supply a fix.


    Hi andrewrsa,

    Which browser are you having issues with? When I just checked the site I wasn’t having any issues on my end.




    Hi Devin

    – Firefox 19.0.2 : FB Like not working

    – I.E 8: FB Like not working

    – Opera 12.14 : FB Like working

    – Safari 5.1.7 (for windows): FB Like working

    – I.E 9: I havent checked

    – I.E 10: I havent checked

    Bit worried as a fair amount of people still use I.E 8 ( and accoring to my site stats an even bigger % use I.E 8.



    Please update your theme to version 1.7. Afaik Kriesi included a fix for the social media buttons in v1.6. You can download the update from

    Best regards,



    Hi Dude

    I know this has probably been asked a million times. How would I update Choices from 1.5 to 1.7 without losing all the custom changes and settings.

    I downloaded the latest version from Themeforest and didnt see a child theme included. Having this would make our lives that much easier updating / upgrading.


    Hi andrewrsa,

    The only changes you’ll lose are those you’ve made to the theme files themselves. In which case you’ll need to back them up locally and add the changes you’ve made back in.

    What I always recommend doing is make your own changelog so that you have a list of changes to re-do any time you need to start from scratch with the theme files (if ever). [this over a child theme which to date Kriesi has never included in a theme as far as I know]



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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