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    I have been trying to implement facebook comments to this theme (I used like 3 different plugins) and no one worked, but two of them worked on the worpress default theme, but nothing shows when I enable the newscast theme.

    Has anyone have had a similar experience and would like to share their discoveries on this matter? :)




    I never used a facebook comments plugin so I can’t make a recommendation. I hope another forum user can help you though.


    Anyone? :(


    If I can’t enable facebook comments or facebook connect to the theme, can I use the comment system and forms from the WordPress default theme (Twenty Ten 1.2) instead of the one from Newscast? Would that be viable diffcult to switch? (as it works on the default theme)



    Yes it’s not easy to switch, because you’d need to transfer the comments css and comments code from twenty ten to Newscast. It’s possible but requires css and php skills (and of course time).


    Hi Kilandor,

    Were you able to find out how to implement facebook comments on your website? I’m looking for the same


    Hello catchmikey.

    No luck so far, i’ve been trying with many plugins including facebook comments, simple facebook login, openID, echo, Janrain, disqus… none functions on Newscast. They do work with the wordpress default template tho.



    Could you please tell me what files do I need to modify in order to implement the comment structure of the twenty ten theme?

    I’m guessing:







    comments.php, style.css, style1.css and wp_list_comments.php


    Hi Kilador,

    I’m trying the Facebook comment plugin on the Expose theme and I get it to show, but the styling is off Within the plugin, it seems that the settings are correct to have the comment box as long as the ordinary comment box, but for some reason it shrinks in half.

    Please keep me posted if you figure out how to navigate and modify the correct files. Thanks!


    Use this plugin, it installed perfectly with this theme and I have had no problems with it

    The instructions are found on this page, be sure to follow them closely


    Thanks moxiemaxwell for the plugin suggestion.


    Thanks! I gave up with facebook comments a month ago but i’ll maybe give a try ;)

    Thanks again


    No problem, I have used this plugin on about 10 plus sites, and it works great.


    I tried using the Facebook Comments for WordPress plug in with Newscast but the comments box didnt show, only a “Like” button along with “Sign Up to see comments”.

    I logged in with my FB account and there was no where to type a comment.


    Same thing,

    Used Facebook Comments for WordPress plugin. But got nothing… only “LIKE” buttom appeared on website =(

    Mas, any clues and tips?


    Someone recommended: – maybe this plugin works.


    problem SOLVED!

    Pluggin: Facebook Comments for WordPress (actuuly this one is the TOP RATED one. With 250,000+ downloads, so you shoulkd consider to useTHIS ONE with wordpress).


    THE ISSUE (which i, and most ppl) had: After the installation, the plugin only showed “LIKE” button an the end of the cage, but no “comments” section appears.

    THE SOLUTION: Install plugin – go throght “normal” settup proccess, (where you should provide the pluggin with your ID and app secret ID).

    Then, just go to the Settings menu of the plugin (you are already at this menu anyway), and there, scroll down the page, and check the box “Include Facebook JavaScript SDK”

    Thats it.

    Yeah yeah, i know, this is by far the stupidest glitch ever. Plus, the box itself have a comment “(This should be checked unless you’ve manually included the SDK elsewhere)”

    total FACEPALM

    Why doesn’t developers “enable” that check-box by default if they tell so by them-selfs – i got no F idea. Never-mind.

    Worls for me well. At least it words with “SHOUTBOX”

    Check test page:


    Glad that you solved the problem :)

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