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    I have two new issues with that I have just run across.

    1. I’ve installed the facebook comments plugin and when I create a post with only a “featured image” instead of including it directly in the blog post itself, the facebook send can’t find an image to use as a thumbnail. Is there any solution to this?

    2. On my computer, the site will automatically refresh itself once every 60 seconds approximately. This is if you don’t touch anything at all. It does not happen on my ipad. I don’t know what could cause this and I hope it doesn’t happen to anyone else. Any ideas on where to start looking?



    1) To be honest I never used this plugin and I don’t know how it fetches the images. Probably the plugin doesn’t support the featured image option/post thumbnail function.

    2) I couldn’t reproduce this problem with Firefox, Opera, Chrome and IE9. Maybe some browsers offer an automatic reload/refresh option. I can imagine that this is handy for web mail accounts, etc.


    Thanks! I realized that the thumbnail thing also seems to be a problem with the RSS feed using feedburner. And also networked blogs. None of them seem to see featured images. There’s no way around this?


    I reported it to Kriesi. As far as I know there are various hooks which allow you to modify the rss feed output. I never looked into it in detail though.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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