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    I just purchased your angular theme and really like it!

    I have some questions.

    first if you take a look at my testing blog

    when you try to make comment box bigger or smaller, a horizontal line above is also moving along.

    I know this isn’t supposed to be happening..

    what have I done wrong?

    I didn’t touch anything in CSS

    I just did some color changes on footer and etc…

    And I’m also trying to have facebook comment system integrated with my blog.

    I tried “facebook-comments-for-wordpress.3.1.3” widget.

    but it seems it’s not working with your theme.

    is it possible to have facebook comment system integrated in your theme?

    Thank you



    could you tell me which comment box we’re talking about? The text area can get as wide as the post width allows you to, which is a bit wider than the default setting. I don’t see any lines moving with this part of the site. There aren’t any comments at the moment, so I can’t check other things for you.

    As far as the plugin goes, I’ll notify it as a suggestion to Kriesi – but it’s not really the idea to get the theme to work with plugins. Rather the other way around.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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