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    I recently deployed my portfolio at this address:

    Since I added my portfolio items, it’s been really slow. I tried to use the pagination to solve the problem but it didn’t help (or it was barely noticeable). I used W3 total cache but once again, there was no real speed gain.

    Even the admin panel takes its sweet time…

    Since my web hosting service is OVH, I don’t think this is the problem.

    Could you please give me some advice on how I could speed it up?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    (I can create a temporary admin account and send you the info if you wish.)


    Hi krystobal,

    I’m not getting anything overly slow when viewing your site. It could be internet speed, server memory and response speed or a combination of it all.

    The hosting provider (if I’m looking at the correct one) isn’t exactly a high-end provider so I can’t speak for how the performance of the wordpress installation may be impacting everything. Then again, you won’t ever get “great” performance when working with wordpress without a lot of tweaking. Things like a CDN and W3 are a good start however.




    Thank you for your insight Devin!

    I have another concern: I noticed yesterday (just after having posted in this forum) that the heading font is different from one page to another (also depending on the browser used).

    I chose Yanone Kaffesatz as my heading font but it changes in Firefox and Internet Explorer in this page … which has the exact same content as (this one displays the right font though)

    Chrome sometimes displays it right, sometimes not…

    How can this be possible since the heading font is supposedly set in the styling theme options for all the pages?


    I’m not getting any difference in the pages in Chrome, IE or Firefox. My only guess is that since the font file has to load in, sometimes when loading the page it doesn’t get loaded in all the way. Its possible, though I don’t see any errors that would explain it or would point to any kind of plugin conflict.

    Typically, if its happening consistently I would say it sounds like a plugin conflict and you could still try disabling all active plugins and seeing if the issue shows back up for you or if its resolved.




    Thanks Devin,

    I have one last (I hope) question for you: I noticed the pages load a lot faster when I click twice on their links (in the main menu for instance).

    – If I click once the page loads after a little while.

    – If I click a second time on the link while it’s loading, the page is then displayed right away.

    After that, the pages load quite fast (thanks to the cache I guess).

    Do you know the reason for that?

    Could there be a clue on how to improve the speed of my website?


    Hi krystobal,

    No, that wouldn’t have anything to do with speed or how to possibly improve it that I can think of. The only thing I see that takes over a few seconds to load in is the last bits of the vimeo player which is nothing you can really change.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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