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    I´m very happy with the Avisio theme, it´s very robust and flexible, thx!

    I just have a “tiny” problem though with the Extra Widget Areas when it comes to multilingual pages. I´m using the WPML plugin to translate pages, widgets and strings in general.

    The problem is that I can´t select translated pages (default language pages only) for the Extra Widget Areas for specific pages on the themes option page (Sidebar & Footer).

    Could there be an easy way perhaps to get the translated pages/categories and so on to show up here aswell I wonder?


    Ok, I found out that this topic has been discussed earlier here already. There isn´t a specific solution for the theme but you could get the same functionality with the Widget Logic plugin, it works great even with the latest WP 3.01 version (though it hasn´t officially been tested yet).

    I installed the plugin and now every widget gets a Widget Logic field, here you type in your IF statements. Here is an example, I want a specific widget only to show up on my homepage:

    is_page(‘homepage-swedish’) || is_page(‘homepage-finnish’)

    Just change it to your specific multilingual pages and that´s it!

    Thank´s again!



    I have successfully implemented 5 languages on the Avisio theme via WPML.

    Out of the box the plugin will allow you to translate all your pages and posts. The custom posts “portfolios” and “sliders” won’t work out of the box, but I have changed the code of the theme so that it all works perfectly. Took about 30 hours of work, but was worth it. You can see the results at: … It speaks 5 languages :-)

    Don’t hesitate to contact me for more info at (Email address hidden if logged out)

    Kind Regards,

    Bruno van Branden


    Hi I installed their Shoutbox theme (Whch I LOVE!) with WPML and have the site running in English and Spanish, what I can’t figure out is how to allocate featured posts or translated categories for the homepage content as it only seems to be available for the default site, language

    So my site is by default is in Spanish and second site in English. When I go to Appearance / Widgets, which has lost its drag and drop functionality, that under ‘Displayed Everywhere’ are the widgets for the homepage. Under all other ‘sidebars’ and footers for example I don’t see anything… I’m guessing there is something wrong there for a start but apart from that why don’t these widgets appear on the English translated site ??

    Also strangely, I added categories in English too and when editing a Spanish post or creating a new Spanish post the only categories available are those English ones. I have checked within post categories and the Spanish ones exist…

    Really all I want is to be able to configure the widget area as before and have the same widgets appear in my English version.

    I would really appreciate the help as I am meant to be launching tomorrow.

    Many thanks!!




    Found an answer with Widget Pro, although not ideal but I still have an issue with my widget area where I have lost what appears to be JS functionality, it seems the drag and drop option is lost and all is static with just add options by each widget. Also, apart from ‘Display All’ the others such as ‘Footer Column 1’ have nothing inside them although they do have widgets actively working. Any ideas how I can get the old functionality back?




    Just a small hint – this article is helpful too: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -language/



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