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    Hi, I have A REALLY STRANGE ISSUE, I created by the option “Extra Widget Areas for specific Categories” some widget areas.

    Now when I public a post on a category sidebar, the widget inside that area is shows in the front page sidebar too.

    example: I have “category1 right sidebar widget” Inside I put the widget “news”, after that when I post a news in category1 wordpress shows me the post in frontpage sidebar right, but in the admin area doesn’t exist a news widget in the area “frontpage sidebar right” it exist just in “category1 sidebar right”.

    Please help me soon because I need to present the project this weekend.

    Thank you .


    Testing on, I discovered that if I enable the option “Display Widget areas for categories on posts of that category as well” it will show the widget on the home page too. Is it possible to not show it on the home?

    Thank you


    Excuse me, I used only your theme option, why do you think that this is a non support question? Can you help me please?

    When I enable extra widget areas for specific category it show post in the home page page side bar too.

    Thank you.


    Hi mindup79,

    I’m not quite sure what you mean. If you can post a link to your site and the pages that have an example that might help.




    Hi, the main problem is that I need to post category news in the sidebar in a post page.

    I can do it just if I enable “Display Widget areas for categories on posts of that category as well”

    So now when I public the news in the new categories widget created, the news appears in the home page too, under the section News. But I inserted the Sidebar News Widget just in the Widget areas category


    I have the category named First

    then I need the widget category First widget, so I enable “Extra Widget Areas for specific Categories” with that category

    After that I click on “Display Widget areas for categories on posts of that category as well” to yes so I can public the news in that category with the Sidebar News widget.

    But it public another sidebar after my news in the sidebar homepage too, second column. But I didn’t publish that on the sidebar left homepage.

    this is my site, but I can’t public now the problem because I’m online.

    I can tell you that after enable “Display Widget areas for categories on posts of that category as well” to yes it insert another News widget after mine.

    I hope you understand what I mean.



    Is that the current set up you have on your site now? You’ve enabled a widget area for a specific category and now the issue is that there is a new/different widget appearing on your home page?


    Now the “Display Widget areas for categories on posts of that category as well” in disable, if I enable it the system insert a new widget after the 4 news in second column. In this way it become more long then 4 news.


    I’m going to tag the topic for Kriesi to take a look at as I’m not sure if there is some additional functionality with the widget areas I’m not aware of that could be causing what you are describing.





    I just encountered this same issue. It seems that you did not understand what mindup79 was talking about, so perhaps I can make this more clear.

    If you add an extra widget area for categories, then add custom widgets to that category in the widget editor, that custom sidebar also shows up on the home page. If you select NO for “Display Widget areas for categories on posts of that category as well” the custom sidebars will not appear on the home page, however they also won’t appear on the individual posts.

    So, there is a flaw in the coding for this. You cannot create a custom sidebar for categories and have them show up for each category post without affecting the home page.



    Thank you for explaining this issue. What you should do is install this plugin

    Using this plugin you can have individual widgets even on a per post basis with or without the use of additional widget areas. You can put 20 instances of the same widget into a single widget area , and tell each instance when and what to display. So, you would drop 2 instances of the widget at tell one to show up on categories, and tell the other to show up on category posts.

    Once you install it, at the bottom of each widget , a textbox will appear where you put the logic in,

    So if you want the same widget to appear on category and on the posts within that category you would add the line below into the input text box where the number 5 (below in the code) is the category id (which you can see in the backend when you edit a category, it will be in the url — ID=5 ).

    is_category(5) || (is_single() && in_category(5))

    Excellent walkthrough (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -hide-or-display-widgets/



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