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    I updated my theme to 1.0.2 , now External Link does not work well :(

    What should i do?




    Can you elaborate?

    Pointing us to a page with the problem would be useful…



    Well, hover effect(preview) for pictures.You can see, if you look at my blog.


    Could somebody write an answer, please?



    have you tried to deactivate all plugins? Maybe one causes a conflict. I assume you already use WP3.1 – if not please upgrade.


    hey Peter,

    installed only WP SlimStat plugin, not more :(

    Yes, I use WP 3.1

    It has worked well until last Monday.I updated theme (uploaded custom.js and changed theme version at style.css)



    Pointing us to a page with the problem would be useful…

    I can’t help you without seeing the problem 1st hand.



    lol James,

    I do not know, how sould i explain again?Did you visit my blog?I think no :(

    If you visit my blog, you see this problem with images!!!!

    So, here a screen for you; mouse hover effect does not work.

    I hope it is enough now. If not, i have no idea.



    Without knowing the site URL it’s rather difficult to see the problem. A screenshot doesn’t help as it doesn’t provide access to the source code.

    If you can’t or won’t provide the site URL I can’t help you.



    James, i thought you know that.

    If you click my username, goes to my site or page.

    For example: If i click your username (here) or from Dude, see your and Dude`s blogs and sites ;)

    I do not know, hom much time should i wait any answer here…?



    I played around but couldn’t find an error (firebug debugger shows correct values.) I’ll forward your problem to Kriesi. We hadn’t such a bug report before so it takes some time to locate and fix the bug.


    thx Peter!

    If you need my login, i can send you.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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