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    when I buy the extended license:

    A) I assume that I can develop websites for customers without them having to buy a license too?

    B) Do I have to grant them anyting then? (a copy of my extended license or something)?

    Thanks in advance!




    1) Yes – you don’t need another license. You can use the theme on as many server/websites as you like.

    2) No – you’re the holder of the license and you’re also allowed to install the theme on client server/websites. Actually they’re allowed to use the theme (modify it, etc.) because of your license (you can consider this as derivative license for your clients but you don’t need to grant them a “sublicense”.



    I’ve finally ordered the extended license for this theme last week, but I got a “little” problem with it.

    At my office I also once bought a brightbox-theme for my client/colleague (user: HeidiW, email: (Email address hidden if logged out) ).

    Now I ordered this extended license at the same office last week (thursday I think) and payed with my paypal account. So far so good…

    But: when I downloaded the extended license, I saw this was put on the name of my colleague (Heidi) instead of my name.

    I know what’s the reason for that: My colleague was still logged in into her themeforest-account when I was ordering/paying.

    Can you bring me in contact with someone at your company who can fix this problem for us please? (Because I have customers waiting for me to start developing their websites?)

    They can contact me at: (Email address hidden if logged out) of my colleague at her email already written above.

    Ordered Item-ID in the license = 166661.

    Thanks in advance already!!




    the license certificates, downloads managment & the payment process are handled by themeforest/envato. Please send a support request/ticket to their support staff: – I’m sure they can easily transfer items, etc. between user accounts. Thank you for buying the extended license.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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