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    Hi Kriesi,

    Thanks for the great theme.

    Is it possible to display thumbnails (like on the home/index page) for the search results from the search bar instead of the current layout?

    Many thanks in advance



    I would love to know how to do this as well.


    This is possible but requires you to modify the theme. If you compare the style of the page you like (eg page.php / single.php) and compare with search.php you can see that the thumbnail is already called but is the M (medium) size rather than L (large) images.

    Just copy over the L code to replace the M code (and update small_prev_image to big_prev_image).


    Ok, thanks.

    I’ll try this


    Hi James,

    Thanks for this…I had already tried this, but can only get it to partially work. I have a couple of questions:

    1. I copied the code i wanted from the index.php replacing the search.php. Now it displays the layout I want (i.e same as the homepage) however the thumbnail images will not load? Any Ideas?

    2. Is it possible to add code to directly to this theme? What i mean is, on other themes I can add a plugin’s php display code directly in to the theme. For example, with the plugin WP PostViews there is a snipit of code you can place directly into your theme. I want to place this in the thumbnail images, yet everytime i insert it i get parse errors. If i insert it after the footer or before the header its ok. Im guessing it the loops and the way the theme is designed. What is the way around this?

    Site url:

    Many thanks in advance



    1.) The images seem to be loading fine for me. Can you post a direct URL to a page where they aren’t working if this problem is still going on?

    2.) Yes, just backup the file before making changes, and don’t rely on WP’s editor, use a separate text editor and FTP program.



    Hi James,

    Thanks for the response. The thumbnail images are working on the home page but not for the search results. For example –

    It just seems to display the loading symbol and no thumbnail image. The thumbnails are clickable and go to the correct post.

    Many thanks for your help.



    The images are there but something’s conflicting with the jQuery which is stopping the site running the image loading correctly.

    Can you disable all your plugins to see if this fixes the problem? If it does, activate them one by one until you find the culprit.




    Hey if you can please did this in your end and send us the code it will be nice


    This the code i used Works fine in my site


    Hi Kriesi,

    At home page only Gallery categories show, how to show the only blog categories on the Blog page?

    Is there any technical issue please guide me


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