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    I’ve transferred everything to a new server using the import/export. The only things that didn’t seem to transfer is the options under “upscale>>Theme Options” is there a way to transfer this using FTP? It would take a LONG time to recreate my mega menus and custom sidebar pages.

    PLEASE help with this, it will save me soo much time if I can do it automatically. Thank you!



    Did you follow these instructions?


    Everything is already transferred, all I need is the location of the files where the theme options are stored, PLEASE help with this? :)


    Theme options are stored in wp_options in your database, if everything is transferred your options should be there.


    Chris.. the instructions you linked simply said “download the database” which I had no clue how to do.. until now. Any newbies like me, please take note: You need to log into your hosting account’s MySQL database management and download the database file that corresponds to your wordpress install.. as far as I know this cannot be done via FTP.

    Once you download the new database, you’ll need to add/import/upload (not sure of the correct term) the database into your new server. Once the database file is uploaded, you’ll also need to modify the wp_config.php file to reference the new database file.

    I haven’t actually done this yet, but I’ve forwarded it to the administrator of the account. Can some please tell me if I have all of my details correct, or if I am missing anything? Thanks!


    Upon further research.. I believe you can get around transferring the entire database. You must change the URL of your wordpress installation (admin>>settings>>general options) to the new website URL. Once done, log into your MySQL and go into the database. Select the wp_options table and click “export”. I had to checkmark “save to a file” and it downloaded the table as an .SQL file. I am assuming I can simply import this file into the same wp_options table in the existing database on the new server.

    Anyone have any corrections or suggestions to the information above?



    that’s the way to do it. Backup of whole database, domain replacement with plugins like: and database export/import procedure.




    Glad that I could help you :)

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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