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    I have a website at I LOVE this theme. In fact , I bought the basic theme for the main website and the wordpress theme for the blog:

    for wordpress I downloaded the latest version and used the version.rtf to identify files that had changed. That fixed the problems.

    However it looks like the the html version has not been updated. I uploaded the custom.js file and the slider is stilll broken in Explorer 9. Also the formatting for the big button is gone and all you get is a button with arrow, but no text

    There is no version.rtf file with the html version..

    Help !! Please !! The slider is the centerpiece of the website.

    footlnote: Note the cufon.js file that the version.rtf says is in the framework/font folder is not there , but I did find it and replaced the cufon.js file and it fixed the font issue for the category listings. in the wordpress version.


    I thought I had fixed it, but the font problem with Explorer 9 in the wordpress version is stll there. There is no : framework/fonts/cufon.js file that the version.rtf refers to in the latest download. only cleancut/js/cufon.js and it doesn’t fix the problem.


    html: Slider won’t load in explorer 9

    html: bigbutton text not showing

    wordpress: slider fixed

    wordpress: fonts for category listing etc not showing in explorer 9

    Am I really going to have to replace this template?


    Sorry, one more thing. The photo gallery will not load in the html template in Explorer 9. Thank you Microsoft.



    I’ll report it to Kriesi and ask him to release an update asap. As far as I know the preloader function isn’t compatible with IE9 but I’m not sure.



    Added to my todo list. unfortunatley I wont be able to fix this before my vacation so its going to be another week until its done :/

    Best regards,



    Hi Kriesi,

    Hope your vacation was good !! Any guess on time frame for fixing the IE 9 issues? Sorry for the pain Microsoft is causing !!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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