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    Is it possible to increase the width of the main content section including the header, menu, and not screw the entire layout up?

    Or is it possible to move a sidebar to the left side of the main content area even if it’s just on the home page?

    Hope that made sense….


    Hi pcprincess77,

    Increasing the width of the main content section, header, menu will surely mess up the site, if you want to change you will need to modify a lot of css code.

    If you want to have a left sidebar on the homepage, you can go to Abundance > Template Builder > Frontpage and set Dynamic Template Page Layout to Left Sidebar




    I already set the sidebar in the dynamic template layout. I was looking to expand the content area since the other isn’t an option.

    I have to say honestly, I have purchased two templates Abundance and Propulsion and sadly have been left with complicated coding I’ve had to do myself not to mention the themes are not entirely what they are portrayed to be when looking at the demo’s. I’ve now spent over $120 on just templates from Kriesi and have not had good experiences or satisfied with either even after putting a lot of my own time into customizing them.

    Sorry, had to be honest. This isn’t the first time I’ve run into issues that I’ve had to work out on my own.


    Hi pcprincess77,

    Can you post a link to your site? so we can check what it looks like. If you want your site to look the same as the demo site, you can go to Theme Options and Import Dummy Data (If you want to do this I prefer you must do this on a newly installed wordpress site, you can do the changes after importing the dummy data).

    This video tutorial will definitely help you on how to use the theme:




    I’ve purchased Replete so I’m no longer in need of assistance with this issue :)


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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