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    Hey Guys,

    i have a Problem with the Product Imagaes. If i click a Product Image and use the Button “Expand the image” it shows me the Full Resolution of the Image, but i cant Scroll it left or right, just up and down.

    Is this Problem known and is there a way to fix this?



    Hi nokie1!

    Please try to insert following code into the quick css field

    div.pp_pic_holder {
    overflow-x: auto !important;



    Hey Dude,

    this didnt worked for me. In Expanded Mode, i still cant see or scroll to the right part of the image :/



    Can you please give us a link to the actual product page?

    Best regards,


    Hey at u can find the Products. If u open a product, click a product or gallery image and expand it, its to big for the screen and i cant scroll left or right.

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    No more Help :/ ?



    Please add this:

    div.pp_default div .pp_content {
    overflow: auto;

    Best regards,


    Hey Ismael,

    still no changes with your code :(



    Please remove browser cache then reload the page a few times. Test it on another browser. I can see the scrollbar below the image. Anyway, the image that you uploaded is so big. You might want to resize the images to optimize page speed.



    Hey Ismael,

    thank you for your Help but im afraid i still cant see a scrollbar below the image.

    Removed the Cache and Reloaded, No Effect. Allready tried Firefox and Internet Explorer!

    Edit: Tryd on another Computer and Chrome showed the Scrollbar. IE and Firefox still wont show anything.



    I coudn’t find a way to get the scroll bars to work. You can remove the expand button with

    .pp_expand{ display: none !important; }

    Alternatively you can try to install the child theme to use fancybox instead of prettyPhoto. I uploaded a child theme which removes the default prettyphoto lightbox and implements the fancybox script here:
    I’m not sure if the fancybox script works better for you but it’s worth a try. Note that the fancybox script is free for non-commercial websites – other websites require a license:



    Hey sry for the late Response,

    i decided to scale down the Images. Problem is not realy solved but u can close the Thread.

    Thank you for your Help!

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