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    On the homepage I am showing posts from different categories. To make sure posts are not showing up more than once, I would like to exclude the “featured” category. The posts with the “featured” category would then only be showing up in the slider.

    Could you let me know where I could configure this as the homepage is the dynamic template “frontpage”.



    in your includes folder you’ll find helper-templates.php, find

    $avia_config['new_query'] .= '&cat='.$dynamic_blog_cats;

    Now change it to:

    $avia_config['new_query'] .= '&cat=-YOURCATEGORYHERE,'.$dynamic_blog_cats;

    The YOURCATEGORYHERE is to be replaced by the id that has been assigned to your category. You can easily find this id when you go in your Dashboard to Categories. When you hover one of your categories (or copy the link) it should contain something like this:


    In this example the number would be 31, so:

    $avia_config['new_query'] .= '&cat=-31,'.$dynamic_blog_cats;

    You should now see posts in this category in your slider but not in your blogposts.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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