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    Hello Guys

    First of all great job on these awesome themes, and great support. I just bought another theme. Will probably post some new questions though :)

    I had a question on the newscast theme.

    When i post an article, I have the option to put text into the “excerpt” which will be used into the “News Slideshow” on the top.

    I noticed however, this excerpt is also used on the post (on the main page) as the first text of the article. The “Read More” I added in my post is completely ignored. How can I change this?

    Let me make an example to clarify:

    1. Post title: Obama wins election

    2. Article content: Obama wins the US election and will be president of the USA another 4 years. The election promised to be a close one. In the last days, Mitt Romney fired from all sides …<—Read More–>

    3. Excerpt: Obama wins the US election and will be president of the USA another 4 years.

    News Slider shows 1 + 3 (perfect)

    The Post appearans on frontpage as: 1+3 (ignoring my text until the …<—Read More–> tag i added in my post. It should show as 1+2.

    Any idea? I guess this may have been asked before, altough I couldn’t find it here.



    Open up index.php and replace following code:

    <div class="entry-text">
    <?php the_excerpt() ?>


    <div class="entry-text">
    <?php the_content(''); ?>




    Great. Thansk, dude =)

    Seems to be working. Let me modify my posts, so I can confirm this works like a charm..



    I hope it worked?

    Best regards,



    Looks like it. But I have to go trough all the articles first and put a read more if I activate it. Otherwise the whole text is posted on the first page. Will need some time… thhx


    Yep, that is the trade off of excerpt vs read more. There isn’t a perfect solution but I personally like using the read more tag as it gives in context control and I don’t feel like I have to re-write part of the post or anything.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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