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    The “welcome” page in your example set shows three columns immediately below the callout area – these contain mini sliders linked to the corresponding pages, with a paragraph of text underneath… In the case of the “About” page, this paragraph of text is given as “This is the Excerpt of the About Page. It will be used whenever you choose to display the page with the dynamic template builder.” – I cannot see where I edit this text anywhere. (And it’s not in the documentation)

    I’ve also edited what seems to be the text shown beneath the “Sermons” block (It’s the main content box on the Sermons page, correct?) – I’ve updated all the pages (sermons, about and homepage), disabled caching, deleted the cache – but I cannot get this text (on the home page) to change.



    Edit the About Page, look for Screen Options then check the Excerpt. The Excerpt meta box will appear, you can edit the text there. This is the same case with the Sermons page.




    I am having this same issue. I so not see the Screen Options. (I even did a text search on the page to make sure I wasn’t missing it) Can you help any further? I can send a screen shot if that is helpful.



    Hi Bryan,

    You should see the Screen Options on the upper right (inside WordPress Dashboard) beside the Help button.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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