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    Is there a way to add an excerpt to show under the product on the shop page?


    As far as I know Products do not support excerpts. Probably you can activate them but I’d ask the WooCommerce devs if it’s save or if they have a good reason to deactivate excerpts by default.


    Good luck. there is no way to get help from WooCommerce unless you are a member :-(


    Where can I find the title for the shop products in the php. Not so much for the single shop pages but for the shop overview. I tried to look at firebug but I didn’t really see where it was being pulled from. Thanks.


    What I’m trying to do is add a custom field where I can have a html title. There I would be able to append the excerpt to the title. I don’t care if it is ghetto.. Just need it done. Any advice?



    As far as I know Woocommerce creates a dedicated shop page – just go to “Pages” and search for the “shop” page. Then click “edit” and rename the page title.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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