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    Hi everyone,

    I’m building a site using Incarnation and am looking for some customization examples. This is a great theme, but looking to make some customization from the standard look, visual changes, header, colors, fonts, graphics, etc. Not looking to copy someone else’s, just some ideas of what others have done.

    If you could comment with your website address that would be great!



    P.S. this is my second site using a Kriesi Theme. GREAT themes and support!



    You should probably visit this forum Lists of inquiries about Incarnation, they probably posted their website out there.




    maybe they’re afraid to comment because google might pick up and index their domain and they don’t want to associate their domain with this forum (that’s private, and understandable)



    Some of them posted the link of their website specially when we ask them to post a link to fix a certain issue. :)




    Hi Ismael

    so far, only problem is left sidebar widgets when viewed in responsive mode, should retain their order and come out on top of other columns instead below other columns.

    Every other responsive layout so far works like this and it is only i found out about this issue after buying the theme. Please advise if it can be fixed through css, because if it can not be fixed I ‘m afraid i will have to continue my project using (unfortunately) some other theme :(

    Thanks in advance for your understanding


    Hi mv2g,

    We’ll need to see your site live to see the issue and look into a fix.




    Devin, actually you don’t need to see my website, to understand my problem. problem is: left side widgets, when viewed in one column view on mobile (responsive) are supposed to appear before the content in the middle or right, that is the logical order. only in your theme, the left sidebar widgets appear last (bottom) on page, and not top of page, as in other responsive designs.

    I need a possible solution for this, in order to continue with my project involving your theme

    Kindly revert back



    I’m sorry but I don’t know if there are themes who renders the sidebar first before the content. You need to hire a freelance developer to fix the layout for you. If you look on template-blog.php, the content part is always at the top.

    get_template_part( 'includes/loop', 'index' );

    And the sidebar, at the bottom.


    This is true for almost all of the themes available.




    Thank you for your response.

    This is true for none of the themes or regular html responsive template available on theme forest. but nonetheless I can understand your company’s decision to make their templates like this. I was just trying to get more info from you on how can i go about editing the template-blog.php file in order to define the sidebar position on top of posts, like all other responsive themes & html templates i have worked with.


    I just compared the “Weekly Top Sellers” and all of them display the sidebar at the bottom (eg the most popular theme “Avada” too: or the popular Karma ) – simply because it’s not intuitive at all to display the sidebar first (eg if the user clicks on “About us” he excepts to read an article about the company and not some random “newsletter” or “latest news” widgets at the top).

    That said it’s not easily possible to display the sidebars at the top and it would require some time intensive modifications of the template structure and to the css code.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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