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    I’m a little disapointed in the lack of options in the design setup, you really have to make a custom design to get ANY control at all!?

    When I try and insert a slideshow gallery on the frontpage, – I watched the video – I go and select the images in the overlay, then I press “Insert gallery” but absolutely nothing happens no matter how many times I press the button, referesh the page or try on other pages. What’s wrong?

    There is nowhere to remove the top panel or just the menu and the social icons from the top panel.

    There is no place to change the copyright data in the footer of the page and remove the twitter and rss icon from there.
    Well, if there is, it’s just really not obvious.

    On the pages with no slideshow, there’s a box just under the menu, like breadcrumbs, I can’t seem to remove that.

    I hope you can give me the solutions to these things, so I didn’t waste my money on these theme, mostly, because my client really likes how it looks.

    Thank you,


    Hello again,

    I have looked on other posts, they have been replied within the same day, except this one. I have paid for this product, so please provide me support.



    Our support queue goes by oldest topic to newest and we occasionally pick up new topics as well if depending on the topic/issue/urgency.So typically self bumping or self responding pushes your topic to the end of our queue and doesn’t bring it to our attention.

    For your initial issue the themes functions, features and customization are outlined in the product description with samples on the video tutorial page: . There isn’t anything we can do to add to this or make it easier/expand on what the theme offers.

    When setting a slideshow you should be clicking on the green Upload button in the meta box under the visual editor for that page. Then when you have the image selected or after uploading click on “Use Image as featured Image” which will set it as that item. After you can set the caption title etc.

    The top nav/panel does not have an option that is correct. You can use css to do so:

    #header .submenu {
    display: none;

    You can customize the footer in the footer.php but no there is no theme option for it.

    A default page should have this layout: . Do you have an example of the empty box?



    Thanks for your reply.

    I apologize for my impatience. It’s just really a surprise to me that I have to do all these things by hand. Every other theme I’ve ever purchased have fully covered all things in the interface. But I think I understand, you always have a lot of themes to work on.

    I figured out to display none the different elements, but the slideshow still is a problem.

    I tried, I use the green Upload button,
    1. Tried to insert a gallery, no luck
    2. tried to select one image to be featured image
    Yes no.2 works, – but that makes 1 banner image, – no slideshow.

    So how exactly does it work with multiple images, if you are telling me to make a single image featured?

    Thank you


    The green plus symbol + on the bottom right of each ‘slide’ allows you to add another slide. So you can keep adding more to get the number of slides you want.

    Something to keep in mind is that this theme (Corona) was first released in 2011. Most of the major changes in how themes are created or styled has been in the past year and at the time this theme was on the cutting edge of customization while now over time it has fallen behind the more recently created themes like Enfold or any of the other drag and drop layout themes.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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