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    Everything is broken in the backend, under all of the custom admin panels. What happened?


    Hi samforan,

    We’ll need quite a bit more information about what issues you are having to begin to suggest solutions. What exactly is broken and where, what version of Propulsion are you using, what plugins are currently active and have you recently updated wordpress or any plugins?




    Hi, I’m using the latest version 2 that just came out yesterday, as well as have tried deactivating plugins to no avail. Running latest stable WP, and haven’t changed anything. Any custom boxes on pages or posts, like the slideshows, hero text, etc. are all mangled and jumbled and do not function.


    Hi samforan,

    Version 2.0 came out on April 19th but nothing in it had any kind of major change that would of or could have/should have caused that kind of issue.

    You can try deactivating all active plugins, then re-downloading the theme files from themeforest and then installing via FTP on top of your current theme files so that everything is replaced and all the newest version of the theme files.

    Then make sure you are running WooCommerce 2.0+ as 1.9+ of the theme isn’t compatible with previous versions of woocommerce.




    Brand new theme upload, no plugins, etc. and it is all still mangled. I will provide an example..

    Should be able to see it there.



    I have the latest version of Propulsion, latest wordpress but I can’t reproduce the issue.

    Please download the theme again then override the old theme files. Must be a css issue.

    Remove browser cache then hard refresh the page.




    Hmm, something strange must’ve occured, a broken download or something. Reimaged the theme and works fine. Thanks

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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