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    First off, LOVE the theme so pretty and simple it’s perfect! I’d like to not use the shopping cart functionality and I see that on the demo you’ve got plenty of pages w/o shopping cart stuff at the top of every page, and post. Unfortunately every time I create something it has a the shopping cart stuff on top. How do I create pages / posts like you did on the demo with out the shopping cart stuff at the top of everything.




    you need to set a main menu and sub menu (Appearance > Menus). If you set an empty menu (menu with no menu items) as sub menu all shop links will disappear.


    Thanks so much for your reply! Total noob appreciates it!

    So I set the shopping cart menu to a blank menu, as there is no “sub menu” that I could find just “main menu” and “shopping menu” and I lost the 3 blue click able links but now every page still has the “All Products” and “no products found match your selection” header and footer in yellow even though I made no shopping selection on the site as it was just supposed to be informational – not shopping. Any ideas?


    Still have ALL PRODUCTS at the top of every page.

    The solution above removed 3 blue links but it still thinks its a shopping site everywhere.


    FIXED IT!!! Deactivate WOOCommerce plugin and all the store stuff at top and bottom of every page goes away!


    Nice. But what if you still want the store, but not have every page display the words “All Products”?


    Can you show mw where the “All Products” link is displayed? I can’t reproduce it on my test servers and I couldn’t find it here: too?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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