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    The site looks bad and has a turning circle (like a loading symbol) that just goes on and on, and the calendar is too wide and spread out. It looks bad on the actual events pages as well ( The problem is specifically related to The Events Calendar Plug-In with the Incarnation theme. If I switch to another theme, the calendar works fine, but if I switch back to Incarnation, it fails. It also works with the free version of Events Calendar.

    Support at Events Calendar PRO said this: There is a Javascript issue relating to the fact that the Google Maps API has been included twice – it may be worth approaching the theme author and asking if their theme enqueues Google Maps and, if so, how it can be “turned off”. How can I do this? Or do you know of any other fixes?

    Please let me know what to do!


    Hey jenvoiles!

    It seems like the google maaps api script is loaded multiple times. Try to insert this code into your theme functions.php:

    function avia_deactivate_google_api($google_map){
        global $avia_config;
        if(!empty($google_map)) $avia_config['g_maps_widget_active'] = 1;
        return $google_map;



    Same here – only that it shows the circle at any time, even with non-pro version, and the additional code in functions.php did not do any good. Want to have a look? Here we go:

    I run the pro version 3.51 and theme version 1.4.

    Thanks in advance for any help.



    Incarnation doesn’t support the Event Calendar 3.x branch yet. Please downgrade to 2.0.11. You can download the older plugin versions here:



    I really liked it when I read about the update of incarnation that it supports both TEC and PRO – and now I am quite disappointed that still this relates to very old versions. Could you change the text in themeforest accordingly?



    Yes, I’ll ask Kriesi to change the description.



    I don’t understand – I installed both 3.5.2 PRO and 3.5.1 Event Calendar on an Incarnation theme-based website, and it worked once I installed their cleanup plug in —

    However, I am having the same churning circle for both Pro and non-Pro on another website with Incarnation,



    Do you use the latest version of Incarnation (version 2.0)? Older theme versions are not compatible with Event Calendar 3.x.



    Thanks, I upgraded and everything is fine.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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