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    So I’m using replete and also The Events Calendar Pro at (password: testsite), and the title of the page picks up the title of the first event instead of “Events” or whatever. Obviously I looked into this with the folks at Modern Tribe who built the plugin, and it appears to happen with a lot of themes, so they’ve given instructions for fixing it.

    First I have to find where the_title() is executed. I’ve looked at page.php and header.php and can’t find it in either place. Could you indicate to me where I will find that?

    Second, they tell me to “use these conditional wrappers” at Now, I’m not really a php person, so I’m not sure what they mean specifically by that. I’m good when someone tells me to replace X with Y, but once I find your the_title(), who do I use the conditional wrappers? If you tell me to check that with them, I will, of course…right now all I want to do is figure it out and get it working, and my sense is I’m not the only one on your forums using this generally excellent calendar plugin.


    We use a custom function called avia_title(); to output the title on pages. Kriesi calls it in page.php with:

    echo avia_title();

    By default it will output the page title of the current page (we use the get_the_title() function) but you can use a title argument/parameter to change the title. So replace the line I posted above with:

    if( tribe_is_month() && !is_tax() ) { // The Main Calendar Page
    $aviatitle = 'Custom text';
    } elseif( tribe_is_month() && is_tax() ) { // Calendar Category Pages
    $aviatitle = 'Custom text';
    } elseif( tribe_is_event() && !tribe_is_day() && !is_single() ) { // The Main Events List
    $aviatitle = 'Custom text';
    } elseif( tribe_is_event() && is_single() ) { // Single Events
    $aviatitle = 'Custom text';
    } elseif( tribe_is_day() ) { // Single Event Days
    $aviatitle = 'Custom text';
    } elseif( tribe_is_venue() ) { // Single Venues
    $aviatitle = 'Custom text';
    } else {
    $aviatitle = get_the_title();

    echo avia_title( array('title'=>$aviatitle) );

    and instead of “Custom text” insert your hardcoded text or call a function to retrieve the right title.


    oh my goodness you did it while I was writing my second note; you can delete my second note. And I WILL provide this solution on the plugin’s forum for any other person using your replete theme. I really appreciate the help.


    Hi kaylesimon,

    Glad that Peter helped you. :)




    Actually one other question: I’d like updates to not override these changes to page.php. Can I get them into a child theme somehow? I know how to create a child theme that recognizes css changes, not sure how to handle php changes with this particular theme. Some themes offer a custom-functions.php and the theme is coded to allow those to override anything on any php page; does replete work that way?


    Actually one other question: I’d your updates to not override this change to page.php. I know how to create a child theme that recognizes css changes, but am not sure how to handle this php change; would it go into a functions.php file in the child theme, or a page.php file, and how do I tell Replete to use that file?


    Afaik it’s not possible to use functions.php in this case. You can try to place a modified page.php file into the child theme folder – maybe WP will use this file. However it’s very (very, very, very) unlikely that we’ll change the code of page.php with a theme update.

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