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    The event countdown is not displaying correcty… It currently displays 27 weeks and 93 days. Any idea why it’s doing this?


    See the countdown timer at



    There is approximately that much time left to your upcoming event. I am not sure if i understood the issue. Can you elaborate?

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    The countdown is displaying 91 days…which should be converted into weeks. Days should never display more than 7, correct? Yet the countdown is displaying 27 weeks and 91 days. The event start date is June 30, so it should be displaying 27 weeks and 2 days.



    I think Kriesi doesn’t display weeks if the number of days doesn’t exceed 100. If you want to change this open up /wp-content/themes/incarnation/config-events-calendar/config.php and replace

    if(strtotime($next_event->EventStartDate) > $date){ $show_weeks = true; $omit = "false";}


    $show_weeks = true; $omit = "false";


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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