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    I upgraded to the PRO Version of the calendar tonight. Here are my issues. I did some searching and found no answers.

    1. The Events template option, defaults to “Default Page Template” which you can see here, I don’t care for the sidebar:

    When I switch to the “Default Events Template” it fixes the problem, but when clicking the event, the options to export to google cal or ical don’t show up, and it crams data to the far right side bar. Not bad, but missing some key features (i.e., calendar export)

    2. On the front page, the widget (which is in column 3 for us). Originally showed a “View More Events” button, we no longer see that with the upgrade, can we get it back?

    3. When viewing the calendar of events on the mobile site, you can’t launch an event link, it just shows the pop-up description. This is only from calendar view, works from the event list widget in column 3.

    Thanks for all the support!


    I am experiencing the same problem as described above on with regard to the default page template.

    However, I also cannot use the events template as it does not pick up the CSS, making it non-functional with white text on a white background – see also

    Details of my setup at: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -on-sermon-pages



    1) I’m not sure if the Event pages support a custom page layout. Do you want to remove the sidebar? If yes we can probably simply hide it.

    2) Add following code to css/custom.css:

    #top .dig-in a, #top .dig-in a:hover {
    color: #000000;

    Actually the link is already part of the widget code but the default color value is set to white and you can’t it. Obviously you can use any other color value (not just #000000) if you like.

    3) Imho this is a problem with the default tooltip function in wp-content/plugins/the-events-calendar/resources/events.js and you might want to ask the plugin developers to improve the tooltip behaviour for mobile devices (eg to support touch gestures, etc.). A temporary fix would be to add a (short) delay to the tooltip fadeout event – however this will also affect desktop users. If you want to try it out open up wp-content/plugins/the-events-calendar/resources/events.js and search for following code:




    I found several occurrences of the code and you need to replace all of them. The code above will add a delay of 2 seconds (2000ms) to the fadeout animation and touchscreen users should have enough time to click on the link.


    Just popping in to say that my styling issue was related to having disabled the call to the config file for the built-in version of the plugin; when I put that call back in, thing seemed to be resolved (which makes sense).



    Yes, the config file loads a (theme specific) stylesheet.




    Thanks for the help here, I will address based on number for ease of following:

    1. I would like to remove the sidebar, this seems to be pulling from templates based on the event system. I do like a little of the “Default Page” template, and the “Default Events” template. But again, these seem to be located in the events system…

    2. Where do I adjust the color code? I’m not seeing it in any of the template settings, it was showing as a button last time, which I liked. Can I just do the button short-code somewhere?

    3. I will definitely pass this on-to them. Thanks for the heads up.

    You guys are always on top of support, thanks again.


    I will mention the above code for #2 did not change anything (even when using a color code other than white)


    I solved #1 with editing the code based on the incarnation templates, and what the default install had.

    On to #2



    2) Please try to add an important tag to it like:

    #top .dig-in a, #top .dig-in a:hover {
    color: #000000 !important;

    You can add the code to css/custom.css or the quick css field.

    Best regards,



    wanted to follow up and say all worked great!! Thanks for the help.


    Hi southlakebaptist,

    Glad that Peter helped you. :)



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