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    i am working with the free plugin qtranslate with to languages but the slider is the same for two languages.

    I can´t translate the slider´s title and body. How can i translate it?

    I see you have suport for the payment plugin WPML, with this plugin is posible to translate the sliders?

    thanks so much


    Yes, WPML will duplicate the entire page content (including post meta fields, the slideshow options, etc.) and you can translate the slider captions, etc. too. Qtranslate is not supported at the moment.


    Thanks DUDE, what I see is that when the text resizes (responsive mobile) the text/body is lost, there is a possibility that these texts appear below the text of a post only in mobile version?



    The text disappears on mobile version because there is so little room that if the text were to be shown it would be in an unreadable font size, which would benefit neither the visitor nor the company. If you want to see how it looks for yourself, that’s not a problem, at most you would be able to fit maybe 5-8 words in the available space.

    If you show the URL with the issue I can give you the CSS to display it if you wish.




    Hi Nick,

    Yes i need this code to show the slideshow text behind the slide in mobile screen, like the text of a post

    i am working with wp-maintenance-mode if you give me an email i´ll send yo a log/pass, (Email address hidden if logged out)

    tx so much



    My email is usjahm (aaattt) gmail (dddooottt) com.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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