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    Working with this theme to create a portfolio for my client who is a photographer. It’s very important that her images are not cropped anywhere we show them.

    The display on the home page is just fine…the images in the slideshow are not cropped…perfect!

    However, when I create a slideshow on a page other than the front page, the images are cropped on the top and bottom even — when using the “frontpage” template that seems to work fine on the front page. I’ve also tried creating other templates with Template Builder and no matter what settings I choose, the images still crop.

    I did see a similar (but not the same) concern posted in the forums, however I’ve been unable to resolve the problem with the feedback given.

    Thanks, in advance, for looking into it.



    The best way to go about it, is to first install the Simple Image Sizes plugin ( ). The plugin will give you complete control over all images in the theme -from aspect ratio, to width, whether to crop the image, and even has a built in thumbnail re-generator.

    After installing the plugin, you will find your Settings > Media page in the back-end to contain the various sizes. Then simply find the dimensions you want to change. Save. Regenerate the images and see if you like what you see or want to tweak the image sizes further.

    You will need to make sure that nothing has Crop set for it. and change the height to how tall you want the images to show and width you put 9999 (this way it will be proportional because you set the height to a certain number, so based on the aspect ratio the width will look correct without cropping).




    Thanks, Nick! I’m going to give it a try this morning…will let you know


    Curious….I installed the plugin but not sure what size would I target for slideshow images? Can you tell me which one?



    Hard to tell. Could be any one of the three sliders within the theme. Plus the different size options. I am guessing the link in your name is not the one that links to the site you are building? :)

    Please provide a link so we can give you an answer. If you wish you can mask it with





    You should put 1140px x 559px in the Settings > Media for —- featured size. Right now your images on that page are 940×461 so they become stretched out to fill 1140×559 making them blurry. Remember when you upload the image to always select Full Size , and to always upload image bigger or exactly the same size as the settings. So for the page you showed me, you should upload images at least that size or bigger and never smaller 1140×559




    Thanks, Nick…so, given that each image will be different in height, should I enter “9999” as you suggested above in in the Simple Image Sizes plugin field?


    Hi lauriejeanrhodes,

    Yes, if you don’t want the height cropped that will do it :)



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