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    Hi! In the theme options – it allows for you to add a “Phone number or small note, displayed above the social icon and search bar” on the top right of the site – but I see no options in the admin for a search on the homepage. I would LOVE to add a search to the top-line navigation or even above the main navigation but see no options. Can you tell me where the option is? Or how to do it?

    Thank you! Love the theme!


    In header.php replace following line:

    if($small_header_info) echo "<div class='small_header_info meta-color'>$small_header_info</div>";


    if($small_header_info) echo "<div class='small_header_info meta-color'>$small_header_info</div>";

    The get_search_form function will output a search form underneath the hotline text.


    Thank you! Is there any way to make it fixed and not get bigger or smaller when you hover – and also appear on the right hand side instead of in front of the social icons?

    Thank you so much!


    Is the above possible? Even just making it not expand and having the box static? THanks


    Hey wtflovelife,

    Can we take a look at how its placed now. The css may be a bit different depending on how you have everything set up so I don’t wanna point you in the wrong direction or provide incorrect css that will cause any other issues :)




    Hi !

    I’m also interested in this point (search box on the right side).

    I’ve done it with a float right but I didn’t check any side effects…



    Glad everything worked out.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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