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    maybe i missed something, but seems to me that:

    1. many issues are left unanswered/unresolved


    2. those issues that are resolved by tips of you guys (which i appreciate a lot) or even forum members are not being put in new a release for all of us

    This forces us to browse through endless pages of posts, seeking out solutions that may or may not be answered somewhere.

    Also, this causes much more questions and work for you guys, since most dont go through all pages.If you’d release a new version, you could simply reply to 9 ot ouf 10 questions with “have you installed the latest version?”.

    For example, still some texts are not translateble, several styling issues are not resolved etc.

    To be honest, it seems that focus is on releasing new themes instead of supporting the existing ones.

    so, my question is: when will the new version be released?


    i know updating themes takes lots of time, so in between releases, you could consider using an index of issues + fixes, with links to the relevant posts. (sticky)

    that way, we dont have to look around + it makes a good list for you guys to use when creating a new release.



    The updates will be released next week. It does not only depend on Kriesi but also on envato because a team reviews every update before they release it.

    Best regards,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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