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    My contact form works just fine except when I add a ‘drop down’ field to it. It displays an avia_style_wrap instead of the actual gforms_wrapper field. If I comment out a function line in avia.js, it will remove the container and display the correct input field. However, the form won’t submit when I do this.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks –



    As far as I know the code for the input field can be found in abundance/woocommerce-config/woocommerce-mod.js and not in js/avia.js. You can try to replace following line:
    var selects = jQuery(select_el).not('#rating');
    var selects = jQuery(select_el).not('#rating, .gforms_wrapper');
    I’m not familiar with the Gravity Forms plugin and the code above is just a sample code & starting point. I’m not sure if gforms_wrapper is a class or id, etc.


    I’ll try it…thank you.



    I marked it as resolved.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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